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There are always potential dangers and liabilities on the roadways;  add in on-road and roadside construction and the potential is greatly increased.  You never know what you may encounter working on the road, but with Advanced Traffic flaggers and traffic control techniques in place you can you breathe a little bit easier while your company completes its task.


Advance Warning


One of the most important things that our flaggers do here at Advanced Traffic Control is to set up advance warning signs. Advance warning communicates to the traveling public that there is some sort of work or activity that may impede their normal route of travel, giving them options on how to procede, be it to approach the area more cautiously than they normally would or to avoid the area altogether.


Traffic Control


Traffic control Is another vital function of a work zone that we specialize in at Advanced Traffic Control. Our flaggers will set up zones that will dictate the flow of traffic through your work zone or event. In doing so traffic will be to travel through swiftly and safely.


Traffic Monitoring


With the countless distractions drivers face, you cannot prevent every driver mishap.  Our flaggers will constantly monitor traffic situations allowing them to warn your workers in the event of a imminent threat to your work zone.

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